Working Groups

Working Groups

The GCNC has several working groups, that aim to provide a forum where cross-sector and cross-industry representatives and other stakeholders can discuss, collaborate, and innovate on the most pressing social, environmental, and economic challenges in Canada and globally. All working groups are chaired by senior business leaders.

Current Working Groups

Demystifying the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs): Canadian Private Sector Best Practices

This Working Group’s purpose is to develop a video series demonstrating how the private sector is integrating and advancing the SDGs in Canada. It is evident that Canadian business, government, and civil society have the interest and capacity to collaborate to advance the SDGs. However, it is also pertinent for businesses to develop long-term sustainable solutions and tools for measuring impacts and results. This working group is led by Samantha Mesrobian from Scotiabank.

Participating Companies: This working group is newly established and actively recruiting members. If you are a GCNC participant, please use the form below to register.

Sustainable Reporting Trends and Best Practices

The focus of this working group is to discuss and explore the responsibility of a company to communicate all aspects of its business. Most often, reporting focuses on highlighting the positives; however, this group builds upon this by discussing how business can also communicate not only the good but also the bad and utilize it as a point of improvement. This Working Group is led by Geoff Pegg, Director of Sustainability, Utilities & Energy Management at TELUS.

Participating Companies: Bell Canada, Enbridge, Scotiabank, TELUS, Barrick Gold, Teck Resources, Suncor, BMO, EcoVadis.

Collaborating to Promote the OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises & Sector Guidance in Canada

The purpose of this working group is to increase awareness and implementation of recognized responsible business conduct guidance and best practice amongst Canadian industry operating abroad. To achieve that goal, the primary activity of the working group is to create a tool to promote corporate understanding and implementation of the OECD guidelines. The tool would (1) explain the basic principles of the OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises and how they are implemented in Canada, and (2) summarize and explain key aspects of some or all of the OECD due diligence guidance series (covering mineral supply chains, extractive stakeholder engagement, agriculture, finance, and garment and footwear). Following its completion, the working group will host a webinar to promote the guidance and the tool. In developing the tool, the working group will organize sector-specific workshops and participate in a one-day meeting of the OECD Advisory Group on Due Diligence for the Corporate Lending Sector in Toronto during that period. The Working Group is led by Johnathan Drimmer, Vice President and Deputy General Counsel of Barrick Gold Corp.

Participating Companies: Baker McKenzie, Barrick Gold, Blake Cassels and Graydon LLP, CPA Canada, Export Development Canada, Frontera Energy, Kinross Gold Corporation, Suncor Energy Inc., and Global Affairs Canada.

Designing an Anti-Corruption Compliance Program

This working group aims to recognize the UNGC’s Tenth Principle, Anti-Corruption, to aid Canadian companies in their efforts to develop internal compliance programs and internal controls. This working group has published an e-book, “Designing An Anti-Corruption Compliance Program: A Guide for Canadian Businesses”. The Working Group is led by Johnathan Drimmer, Vice President and Deputy General Counsel of Barrick Gold Corp.

Participating Companies: Barrick Gold, Kinross Gold, BDO, Export Development Canada (EDC), Blake Cassels & Graydon LLP (Blakes), Baker & Mckenzie, RCMP Canada, and the Canadian Centre of Excellence for Anti-corruption at the University of Ottawa (CCEAC).

The Canadian General Counsel Group (“GCG”)

This working group seeks to engage both the General Counsel and Board of Directors from well-respected global companies on (i) how GC’s can better leverage their positions to persuade/influence/sell the idea of the importance of the SDGs and the Ten Principles of the UN Global Compact, and (ii) incorporating these guidelines/goals within actionable/clear steps within the day-to-day operations/strategy. The Working Group is being led by Paul Greven, Chief General Counsel, JLL Canada, and are striving to prepare a publication with the title “Guide for General Counsel – Aligning with your Board of Directors”.

Participating Companies: Barrick Gold, Baker & Mckenzie, Nestle, and SNC-Lavalin

Completed Working Groups

In the past, our participants have collaborated on a variety of sustainable development goals and challenges. Through these working groups, companies have developed resources, held events and created meaningful dialogue to make these global goals achievable.[/vc_column_text]

Long-termism vs. Short-termism: Understanding Long-Term Company Value

The focus of this working group was to discuss and define what it would take to shift to long-term thinking, the long-term value of a company, and if and how a shift to long-term thinking will benefit business, investors, pension plans etc. This Working Group was led by John Coyne, Vice President of Legal and External Affairs at Unilever Canada, and Norm Cote, Vice President of Client Services at Optimum Talent. This working group held a successful collaboration event in September 2016 called Meeting of the Minds.

Participating Companies: Optimum Talent, Unilever Canada, Rowe School of Business, University of Guelph (College of Management and Economics), Teck Resources, Save the Children, Native American Resource Partners, BMO, Corporate Knights, and KPMG.

Embedding the Ten Principles into the Supply Chain/Value Chain

Drawing upon the plethora of initiatives, codes, standards and tools developed in recent years, this Working Group was created to discuss and explore the responsibility of a company to consider and integrate the Ten Principles of the UN Global Compact into their supply chain and value chain management. The working group has published a Q&A document “Embedding the Ten Principles into Supply Chain Management: Reflections from the Global Compact Network Canada”. This working group is led by Jonathan Drimmer, Vice President and Deputy General Counsel at Barrick Gold Corp.

Participating Companies: Bell Canada, Barrick Gold, Scotiabank, O Trade, Teck Resources, Suncor, BMO, Save the Children, Enbridge.

Resources developed by this working group: Embedding the 10 Principles into Supply Chain Management

Developing KPI’s for the Voluntary Principles on Security and Human Rights

This working group put together a document, “Assurance of the Voluntary Principles on Security and Human Rights”. The purpose of this document is to assist with the assurance of the Voluntary Principles (VPs), the most widely adopted and respected set of security and human rights standards worldwide, and ensuring that these are being implemented in a manner consistent with the initiative. The Working Group led by Johnathan Drimmer, Vice President and Deputy General Counsel of Barrick Gold Corp will continue in 2016 in a broader way.

Participating Company: SNC Lavalin, O’Trade, Hudbay Minerals, EDC, Pacific Rubiales, Kinross Gold, Barrick Gold, Gabriel Resources, Goldcorp, Partnership Africa, Sherritt, Mining Association of Canada, Native American Resource Partners, Rio Tinto.

Resources developed by this working group:  Auditing Implementations of VPs on Security and Human Rights

Contact Us to Join a Working Group

If you are a patron or visionary supporter you have the opportunity to establish and lead a working group. Please contact if you are interested.

 If you are interested in joining one of the Working Groups listed above, please use the contact form below to contact the GCNC Team.

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