About The Global Compact Network Canada (GCNC)

Helle Bank Jorgensen

Senior Advisor

Helle Bank Jorgensen is a globally recognized expert on how to combine sustainable development and successful business. She is a Board Facilitator for the UN Global Compact Board Program, President of Global Compact Network Canada, CEO & Founder of B.Accountability and the chair of eRevalue.

Building on a background as a Business Lawyer and a State Authorized Public Accountant, Helle brings more than 25 years of experience advising global companies and investors within Corporate Responsibility and Reporting.

Helle has extensive experience providing strategic and operational guidance to all functions within an organization, including advising at the C-suite and board level. Helle was the creator of the world’s first LCA-based environmental account, the world’s first integrated report, holistic Supply Chain Program and is the principal organizer for the CEO/Investor-network for Business Ethics and Non-Financial Reporting. She has led the CDP-report of the S&P 500 and Improvement of DJSI ranking and investor communication for global and US companies and worked on Natural Capital Accounting for IFC/World Bank.

She has led PricewaterhouseCoopers’s Sustainability and Climate Change practices in Europe and the US, hereof 11 years as a partner. Since 2012, she has run B.Accountability advising global business leaders in Sustainability and Climate Change. In 2013 she was also asked to build and lead the Global Compact Network Canada, and has grown the number of signatories to more than 150 Canadian companies who lead within the UNGC’s 10 principles and the Sustainable Development Goals. In 2014, Helle was chosen as one of 12 Global Facilitators for UN Global Compact Board Programme. She is a speaker and author of thought-leading articles and books and has served on multiple boards. In April 2015, Helle became the first in North America to have received the Certificate of Achievement and passed the GRI G4 Exam.